Supply Chain

Sindybad, our esteemed company in Oman, specializes in offering expert Supply Chain Services. We excel in streamlining procurement processes, ensuring efficient inventory management, and optimizing logistics for seamless distribution across the region. Our services are designed to enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs, leveraging advanced technology and local market insights. By integrating these elements, Sindybad ensures reliable, timely delivery of products, contributing to the robust growth and success of businesses in Oman's dynamic economic landscape.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Offering a variety of quality and price options from multiple suppliers


Tool Kit

Wide range of multiple use tools and specials tools with accurate sizes and best qualities provided from many trusted suppliers


Marine Equipment

Supplies all items, devices, parts and components For marine with approved certificate standard

Manage & Contracting

Companies For Constructions Services

Full Contracting companies for construction work

contracting for sub-contracting work (Painting, decorating, electrical wiring...etc)


Provision & Beverage

Arranging and providing provision and beverage upon request


Special Request

We can also offer any special request with highly research and advices for the best items